A Labor of Love: The Bandana Backstory

Posted by Greta Griswold on

Happy Labor Day friends! To celebrate we're giving you a behind the scenes look at the work that went into our new bandanas. 

So much of what we love collides in these bandanas. Art, functionality, sustainability, artisans, and international collaboration.

Imagine with me for a moment a group of Indian artisans standing over a frame carefully applying color to textiles. The air around them likely full of the smell of spices and some serious heat. Yet in the heat, they're probably beaming with pride at the opportunity to be creative and to provide for their families. 

So maybe you can't quite imagine it as clearly as I can because you haven't lived in India. You might not be able to feel the heat or smell the smells, but fear not. You'll be able to see it if you keep scrolling!

Anyway... the bandana story takes us to India with our partners CRC, Craft Resource Center. CRC's vision is economic self-sufficiency for the marginalized sections of society. CRC trains and empowers impoverished communities through traditional craft, which has a rich history in India. 

Screen printing started in China and was mastered by Indian printers. Original designs get turned into to different screens for each color used. That means the super colorful art you're used to seeing from us gets turned into several screens each being applied as a stencil to a textile, in our case viscose. It's a labor of love because of the detail and time it takes.

It's almost too hard to describe, so instead we'll show you. Check it out!



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